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Hello friends, if you have a passion for writing or you want to recognize your writing, then you can publish your article in Today, there are many people who want to teach people good things and share knowledge-related things, then our website is a free platform for those people. Where you can tell your thoughts to the whole world through a guest post and get them started with this changing world. So, why are you waiting, start today your guest posting?

Benefits of guest postings

Guest postings offer a win-win situation for the site operator and the guest blogger, providing they are high quality. Website operators gain new content. They often cover topics from related fields, which the site operator does not himself write about. Thus such contributions bring variety and added value to the site. Traffic volume is raised thereby and the advertising effect is not to be underestimated. The guest blogger on the other hand benefits from these advantages:

  • Increased visibility (authority) through frequent mentions of their name on the web
  • Quality backlinks for link building
  • More traffic
  • New visitors with longer duration of the visit
  • Development of new contacts in the blogosphere
  • A high reach in specifically selected target group
  • Presentation of one’s own abilities in the text area
  • Gaining subscribers for newsletters or e-mail lists

Digital Gabbar Guest Post Guidelines:

Keep these things in mind while sharing your post with us-

1. Your post should be written by you, do not send copied, spin & plagiarism content.
2. Give an image related to the post.
3. The post should be such that gives benefit to the readers, that is to help them. Any branding related articles not acceptable (Like: Personal, Company and Sector Branding)
4. Your post should be general digital audience based, and not any specific area or city based.
5. A post must have at least 1000 words, less than 1000 not acceptable.
6. Only anchor text backlinks acceptable & spamming link not acceptable.
7. Write a post in a short paragraph so that it is easy to read.
8. Please use long-tail keywords.

Note: Digital Gabbar has full right & authority to make any changes in your blog post, based on the digital audience convenience and companies guidelines.

Advantage of Guest Posting in

1. If you want to help people or give them any knowledge, the happiness you will get from this has increased at all costs.
2. If you have a website, then we will give backlink to it from our site, which will increase the rank of your site.
3. You will be recognized as an author on the Internet.
4. If you want to promote your product or service, then you can post guest through sponsorship from us.
5. *Your post should meet our conditions.

We Allow Guest Posting On Below Topics

1. SEO
2. SMO


How to send a Guest Post ? 

You have to pay $50 per guest post.

You can send your article to our Email id – [email protected]